The DeviceAtlas Carrier documentation
Com.DeviceAtlas.DataFile Namespace Reference


class  DataFileConfig
 DataFile class represents the data file download/load configuration option. More...
class  DataFileConfigBuilder
 Fluent builder for the DataFile class. More...
class  DataFileDecompressor
 Class to decompress a data file. Supports gzip compression.
class  DataFileDownloadAndLoadTask
 Background task to download and load data into an instance of DeviceAtlasApi.
class  DataFileDownloader
 Class to download, validate and decompress the datafile.
class  DataFileManager
class  DataFileValidator
 Class to validate an instance of the DataFile class.
class  DataMetaFile
 The meta file is used to store the time when the last data file download/load occurred.
interface  DownloadAndLoadTaskFailureCallback
interface  DownloadAndLoadTaskSuccessCallback