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class  DataType
 The data types for various properties. Each Property object returned has a getDataType() method. More...
interface  DeviceAtlasApi
class  DeviceAtlasApiMonitor
 Class to keep track of basic API telemetry data.
class  Properties
 Maps dtring property names to Property objects. An instance of this class is returned for every GetProperties() lookup that matches an IP. More...
class  Property
 Contains a property value. The value can be fetched as a generic Object or one of the convenience asXXXX methods can be used to get the value in a specific type. More...
class  PropertyBuilder
 Builder class to create Property object and cast the value to the correct data type. More...
class  PropertyName
 Contains a property name and the expected data type of values associated with this name. This is returned in a Set when the method getPropertyNames() is called. More...