The DeviceAtlas Carrier documentation
Com.DeviceAtlas.Carrier Namespace Reference


class  BucketHandler
class  BucketType
 The types of bucket and their associated IDs. The IDs are important and should NOT be changed. The API relies on these IDs remaining the same.
class  ByteReader
 This class wraps a ByteBuffer to get data from a byte[] array. All numeric values are read in little endian byte order. More...
class  CarrierApi
class  CarrierApiWeb
class  CarrierData
 This class is responsible for loading the data file and walking the IPV4 Radix Trie to find the properties for a given User-Agent.
class  CarrierDataType
 Carrier API specific data types. These are used to optimise the data in the data file.
class  Crc32