# DeviceAtlas Device Detection API Config # DeviceAtlas DeviceApi Config class provides options to customize the API behaviour in terms of memory use, caching, performance and device properties. ### Settings (Config Class Attributes) ### * [Use Tree Optimizer] * [Optimizer Temporary Directory] * [Cache Provider] * [Ignore Data File Changes] * [Include User-Agent Properties] * [Include Language Properties] * [Return NULL When There Are No Properties] * [Client-side Cookie Name] #### Use Tree Optimizer #### Boolean value to enable/disable optimization of data file caching (data tree). Enabling this parameter would dramatically reduce the memory foot print and data file loading speed. It is highly recommend to turn this config on when detecting devices in real-time using DeviceAtlasWeb. When this config is on, the API will automatically divide the data file into smaller pieces and cache them on the disk, the cached data will be used for lookups afterwards. The API detects data file updates and will update the cache. For more details, see [DeviceApi optimizations](README.DeviceApi.html). **Config Methods** setUseTreeOptimizer(TRUE/FALSE) getUseTreeOptimizer() **Default Value** FALSE #### Optimizer Temporary Directory #### When optimizer is enabled, the cached files will be put inside the temporary system directory by default. However you can change that directory with this setting parameter. **Config Methods** setOptimizerTempDir($optimizerTempDir) getOptimizerTempDir() **Default Value** sys_get_temp_dir() #### Cache Provider #### Parameter with the instance of the cache provider that will be used by the Tree optimizer (MemCache, APC or file). This will dramatically increase the lookup performance in most situations. It is highly recommend to use this config when detecting devices in real-time using DeviceAtlasWeb. **Config Methods** setCacheProvider(Mobi_Mtld_DA_CacheProvider_CacheProviderInterface $cacheProvider) getCacheProvider() **Default Value** NULL **NOTE** It is important to differentiate the two cache types our API uses: API internal cache and the Tree optimizer cache. Internal cache is used to save device properties that are obtained with every lookup. Tree optimizer cache saves the device data file that will be used to obtain the device properties. Config parameter for internal cache is: - Cache size. Config parameters for Tree optimizer cache are: - Use Tree optimizer. - Optimizer temporary directory. - Cache provider. - Ignore data file changes. #### Ignore Data File Changes #### Boolean value to either only use the cached data file (tree) or automatically make several checks in order to find changes in the original file and update the cache. It only makes sense to use this config property when the tree optimizer is used. If you manually update the optimizer caches using the provided CLI tool (ExtraTools/DeviceApiCache/data-file-optimizer.php) the checking is redundant and unnecessary. In that case, you can turn this checking off. **Config Methods** setIgnoreDataFileChanges($setIgnoreDataFileChanges) getIgnoreDataFileChanges() **Default Value** FALSE #### Include User-Agent Properties #### Boolean value to enable/disable the addition of User-Agent properties to the detection. They are also known as "dynamic" properties as they can be detected on the fly by directly parsing the User-Agent. Enabling this property will worsen API detection performance. If you don't need these properties, then set it to FALSE. User-Agent/Dynamic properties: browserName, browserVersion, browserRenderingEngine, osName, osVersion **Config Methods** setIncludeUaProps(TRUE/FALSE) getIncludeUaProps() **Default Value** TRUE #### Include Language Properties #### Boolean value to enable/disable the addition of client's language and locale preferences to the device property set. If you don't need these properties, then set it to FALSE. Language properties: language, languageLocale **Config Methods** setIncludeLangProps(TRUE/FALSE) getIncludeLangProps() **Default Value** TRUE #### Return NULL When There Are No Properties #### Boolean value to make the API either return NULL if the property set to return is empty, or a Properties object with no values inside. **Config Methods** setReturnNullWhenNoProperties(TRUE/FALSE) getReturnNullWhenNoProperties() **Default Value** FALSE #### Client-side Cookie Name #### Name of the cookie where the Client-side properties will be saved in. When using getProperties() method in a web application (DeviceApiWeb), the detection will automatically use the content of this cookie, if it exists. If you want the Client-side properties to be used add the DeviceAtlas client side component (JavaScript lib) to your web-site pages. When the User-Agent or HTTP headers are passed manually to getProperties(), the Client-side properties can be also manually passed to this method as second parameter. Note that this config is only used as an argument of getProperties(). If you set the cookie name to NULL, then the Client-side properties cookie will be ignored. **Config Methods** setCookieName($cookieName) getCookieName() **Default Value** "DAPROPS" ### How It Works ### Translating into code how the API settings are used, it is as simple as having an instance of the Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config class into the Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi object and the respective Config public methods to check the wished settings and make the API work according to them. #### Use Of The Default Settings #### When a new instance of the Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi class is created, internally another instance of the Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config class is generated with the default settings. ```php $deviceApi = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi(); ``` #### Use Of Custom Settings #### In order to use custom settings, it is required to explicitly create a Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config object, set the settings and pass it to the Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi instance. ```php /* Preferred method */ $config = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config(); $config->setIncludeUaProps(FALSE); $config->setUseTreeOptimizer(TRUE); $deviceApi = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi($config); ``` ```php /* Alternative method */ $deviceApi = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi(); $config = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config(); $config->setIncludeUaProps(FALSE); $config->setUseTreeOptimizer(TRUE); $deviceApi->setConfig($config); ``` ### Example Of Use Case ### For the scenario your system works, it is highly recommended to configure the API with the most convenient settings in order to enhance performance, memory footprint and, in general, provide a better user experience. ```php /* Reduce response time and memory footprint for a web application */ $config = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_Config(); // Boost API performance by ignoring dynamic properties if they are not part of // the property set you expect. $config->setIncludeUaProps(FALSE); // Ignore language and locale properties if they are not needed. $config->setIncludeLangProps(FALSE); // Use the API Tree optimizer to optimally cache the data file and prevent it to // load with every user request. $config->setUseTreeOptimizer(TRUE); // If the you don't update the data file very often (e.g. once a month), you can // disable the automatic changes checks of the data. // You can manually update the cache after downloading a new one // (see ExtraTools/DeviceApiCache/data-file-optimizer.php). $config->setIgnoreDataFileChanges(TRUE); // Finally set the config to our new instance of the DeviceAtlas API. $deviceApi = new Mobi_Mtld_DA_Device_DeviceApi($config); ``` - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ Copyright (c) DeviceAtlas Limited 2021. 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