The DeviceAtlas DeviceApi documentation
Com.DeviceAtlas.Device Namespace Reference


class  AcceptLanguageParser
 Parses the Accept-Language header.
class  AdditionalActions
 Model of an additional action.
class  AdditionalActionsRunner
 Refines the detected components using any detected additional actions.
class  BaseInput
 Common functionality for input classes
class  BasicInput
 Represents a single entry in the data file "i" (inputs) node.
interface  Cache
 Cache interface for the DeviceAtlas APIs. More...
class  CacheService
 Manages interactions with the cache layer.
class  ClientSideParser
class  ComparisonProperty
 Model of a component's Client-side rule's comparison property in the trie.
class  ComparisonTransformer
 Represents a "ct" node (comparison transformation) within a "pm" (property mappings) node. Compares the input value using a defined operator and comparison value.
class  Component
 Represents a set of property/value pairs. A Component is retrieved from a MatchCandidate during the token Trie walk. The component's weight is used to determine whether a component should override an already found component.
class  ComponentDetector
 Uses the TokenTrieWalker to try and find a set of Components for given input identifier(s).
class  ComponentDetectorResult
class  ComponentType
class  Config
 DeviceApi Configurations. To change the default configs of the DeviceAtlas DeviceApi create an instance of this class, set your preferred configs and pass the instance to the constructor of a DeviceApi or DeviceApiWeb. Note that you may change the configs even after the Config instance has been passed to the DeviceApi. More...
class  ConstraintGroup
 Defines a constraint group. A constraint group is comprised of a list of match constraints. For the constraint group to be valid only one of the match constraints needs to match.
class  DelimitersHandler
 This class creates an array of boolean values representing all characters up to the maximum delimiter character's codepoint. It uses the codepoint value of a given character as a lookup into the boolean array. An entry that returns true from the array is a delimiter character.
class  DependentInput
 Represents a single entry in the data file "o" (ordered inputs) node.
class  DeviceApi
class  DeviceApiWeb
class  DeviceData
class  DeviceDataParser
 Parses the data from the JSON file.
class  DynamicPropertiesExtractor
 Handle the extraction of dynamic properties from identifiers
class  DynamicStringExtractor
 The "string" dynamic value extractor extracts a dynamic value without validating the extracted value.
class  DynamicValue
 A DynamicValue holds a reference to a component that should be present before the dynamic value and also a DynamicValueExtractor that is responsible for actually extracting the value from an identifier.
interface  DynamicValueExtractor
class  DynamicValueExtractorFactory
class  DynamicVersionExtractor
 The "version" dynamic value extractor extracts a dynamic value and ensures it is a version value.
class  IdentifierMatchResult
 Collects the MatchCandidates found during the token trie walk along with their token position. Positions for dynamic properties are also recorded for later use.
interface  Input
 Represents a single entry in the data file "i" (inputs) node.
class  Inputs
 Represents the "i" (inputs node) in the data file.
class  JsonData
 JSON parser to read a JSON string and provide methods to read primitives, arrays and objects.
class  LanguagePropertiesExtractor
 Parses the Accept-Language header and adds the language and languageLocale properties the properties set.
class  LookaroundConstraint
 Defines a lookaround constraint. This is a constraint that may be applied to a component found via the token trie walk. The constraint contains a component index and an allowed offset that it can exist for the constraint to be valid.
class  MatchCandidate
 A match candidate is considered a match and its component available for selection if the position in the identifier string is within the range of its position constraint. If the match candidate was detected using only a partial token then it is considered a match if it is a starts with rule type.
class  MatchCandidatesCharPosition
class  MatchType
 This is essentially an enum class as C# enums don't support strings.
class  MetaData
class  Node
 The Trie is created by chains of nested Node objects. It is created by converting character code points to their byte equivalent. Child nodes are represented by byte arrays that can be accessed to return the next node in the chain.
class  PositionConstraint
 Defines a range of valid positions that a token can occur in.
class  PropertiesCollector
 Collects the properties from the components detected by the ComponentDetectorClass.
class  PropertyConstraint
 Model of a property constraint.
class  PropertyConstraintRunner
class  PropertyMapping
 Represents a single entry in the data file "pm" (property mappings) node.
class  PropertyMappingSource
 Represents a single property mapping source for a property mapping. An identifier transformation can contain a trim transformation OR a list of comparison transformations.
class  PropertyMappingsRunner
 Runs the property mappings transformations and adds the found properties to the result set.
class  TokenTrieWalker
 Walks a provided identifier to try and find one or more matching components.
class  TrimTransformer
 Represents a "tt" node (trim transformation) within a "pm" (property mappings) node. Trims a defined prefix and suffix from an input.
class  Util
class  Version
 Encapsulates a version number string and allows for comparison to other version numbers.
class  VersionSearch
class  VersionSpecificChildren
 A component may contain version-specific children. These are contained within a component's "vc" node which this class represent.