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A bucket is a section of the data file. It has an ID, length and a byte array of data. Each bucket type has a specific format. This class handles the conversion of bucket data(binary bytes) to actual values.
The types of bucket and their associated IDs. The IDs are important and should **NOT** be changed. The API relies on these IDs remaining the same.
This class gets a chunk of binary data (bytes) then the methods are used to read data segments based on the data of data being read from the chunk, the read pointer will advance to the next bytes.
The main class for the Carrier Identification API. Used to load the data file and to perform lookups using IPv4 addresses. For usage in a Web App it is recommended to use the CarrierApiWeb (CarrierApiWeb.php) class so you don't have to pass the client's IP address manually.
A small extension to the core CarrierApi to get IP from $_SERVER for current client.
This class is responsible for loading the data file and walking the IPV4 Radix Trie to find the properties for a given User-Agent.
Carrier API specific data types. These are used to optimise the data in the data file.

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